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Category: Case Study, Custom Created

Case Study

Project: Custom exterior installation of illuminated signage

Location: Hartford, CT


Program Scope

As a major statewide and global attraction, the Connecticut Science Center wished to create a solution to utilize its 174’ building as a promotional platform that builds brand awareness, identifies the location, and attracts attention.

Connecticut Science Center


Under a deadline to install within a five-day period, our teams capitalized on our internal divisions of experts to perform full site surveys, provide engineer consultations, and construct a thorough plan to deliver a channel set illuminated logo on side of the 174’ building.

During our planning phase, we uncovered several challenges. In order to install the display, the process would require gear and safety tools to hold oversized lettering. Through our extensive experience, passion for innovation, and expertise in creating effective installation systems, we provided a multi-pronged approach. We launched the project from the rooftop (versus using customary ground to ceiling equipment), put in welded steel stubs, and supported the system with a davit saddle and swing stage. We are proud that we kept our promise to deliver and the end result was an environmental solution that was safe, secure, and sustainable.



The Science Center now has an impressive, large-scale signage system that illuminates 24/7 and provides continuous promotion for its building.

Connecticut Science Center

Connecticut Science Center