Category: Case Study, Custom Created

Case Study

Project: Custom visual system for flagship façade graphic

Location: 5th Ave., New York City, NY


Program Scope

Introducing a new store on one of Manhattan’s most traveled streets: Blancpain. This Swiss luxury watch company wished to create a storefront visual display system above their main entry level that represented its brand and captured attention by day and by night.

Since the creation of the “Fifty Fathoms” diving watch more than 60 years ago, Blancpain has been contributing to ocean exploration. In support of this heritage, Blancpain commissioned exclusive artwork from National Geographic to be featured in their new, illuminated store façade.



Working with new construction and the customary understanding that blueprint plans alter and modify daily, our team of experts maintained their commitment to be flexible, agile, and fluid with providing best approaches toward creating a remarkable visual display system. We planned, we re-visited, we adjusted and we solved – a beautiful display and custom display system for Blancpain that takes a 21’ x 25’ and makes an enormous impact.



As part of the prestigious real estate address of 5th Avenue, NYC, Blancpain’s storefront has the potential to make an amazing impression on up to 200,000 people a day with a visually arresting display and a custom created visual system that they can utilize time and time again.