Helping Out in Hudson Yards

11 May 2015, Posted by Admin Admin in Out of Home
Our Wall Scape at 55 Hudson Yards Overlooking the Redevelopment Project

“Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood
and probably themselves will not be realized.”

~ Daniel Burnham, Architect, NYC’s Flatiron Building.

Our PSV Wall Scape installation for 55 Hudson Yards overlooks the ongoing Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project on Manhattan’s far West Side. It’s being called the “neighborhood built from scratch” and the largest construction project ever.

Upon completion, projected in the next decade, the site will feature four skyscrapers spanning over 28 acres covering the working tracks of one of the world’s busiest railroad yards. Twenty million square feet of mixed use space is expected to see 65,000 visitors, workers, and residents per day.

Calling it “the city on stilts,” Fortune Magazine talks about how it will sit on a “gigantic roof” and goes into some of the details of how that’s even possible, including a monster crane affectionately known as Joanie. Gizmodo goes deeper with videos and gifs about this massive bridge building, comparing it to the Brooklyn Bridge. Whereas the span piece of the Brooklyn Bridge weighs only 14,680 tons, the Hudson Yards platform will top 35,000 tons of steel and concrete.

Our guys only needed four working days to install just under 9500 square feet of pressure sensitive vinyl on the north side of the 55 Hudson Yards building. Matching one horizontal panel of the graphic to each architectural panel of the building required two 55-foot scissor lifts and one 120-foot boom lift. Not for the faint of heart in the cold windy high-up places.

Our crew do such amazing work — even in the freezing winter wind coming off the river — that one of the Hudson Yards official photogs, Joe Woolhead, thought it worthwhile to catch us in action.

Hudson Yards Wall Shot, Photo Credit: Joe Woolhead

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