Banana Republic

Category: Case Study, Custom Created

Case Study

Project: Holiday lighting package

Location: San Francisco, CA


Project Scope

During the holiday season, Banana Republic’s creative team developed a unique, visual chandelier concept that they wished to unveil in one of their high traffic store locations. They requested a partner who could bring their vision to life and make the impact during a key selling period.

Banana Republic Holiday


In preparation of the installation, our team conducted a thorough site survey and identified key challenges. We delivered a creative concept utilizing a 30’ ceiling location that featured a spiral staircase, and developed a custom visual delivery system that would allow Banana Republic to use the system for future projects.  Our engineering and production team evaluated, devised and solved the challenges by building a custom fabricated motorized display system, capable of holding 1,000 lbs.  To install, we deployed two teams to hang the display system, as well as another team to assemble the light fixtures – all completed through two evenings in an effort to minimize disruption in the store.



Our collaboration with Banana Republic’s design team yielded a custom display system that could support future unique, visual displays at their store.