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We look straight past limitations here at Applied Advertising when it comes to the wallscapes that we provide for our clients. These creations are truly spectacular, and they dominate many areas in major cities. It takes a great deal of creative vision, technical expertise, and installation prowess to complete a large-scale wallscape project, and it can be hard to find the appropriate resource if you are not already connected. This is understandable, but if you have reached this website, you have in fact made a connection with one of the premier resources for wallscapes in the entire country.

Wallscape amazing polka dot design for Outdoor Advertising

Endorsements and recommendations are very important when you are trying to decide if you should work with a given company for any reason. Indeed, you should be discerning if you are interested in an outdoor advertising campaign that includes the utilization of wallscapes. A picture is worth 1000 words, so you can visit our online gallery to see some of the work that we have done in this arena.

When you do, you will also recognize the fact that our client list in and of itself is a huge multi-pronged endorsement. We have worked with Jim Beam bourbon, Hermes, Mini Cooper, AG Denim/Jimmy Choo, Hudson Yards, and many other very high profile clients that have robust advertising budgets. The reputation that we have established among these industry leaders should engender confidence if you are thinking about partnering with us on a wallscape project.

In addition to the wallscapes that we can create and install for our clients, we are very well equipped to provide floor graphics. You have the opportunity to capture the attention of people in your building from the bottom up, so you may as well take full advantage of it through the utilization of creative floor graphics. Of course, in addition to the advertising potential, floor graphics can also be used for directional purposes.

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If you are interested in wallscapes and/or floor graphics, we would be more than glad to sit down and have a meaningful discussion with you. We can get to know you, gain an understanding of your needs, and make the appropriate suggestions. Our company offers free, no-obligation initial consultations, and you can set up an appointment right now if you call our office at 860-640-0800.