Art Goes Beyond The Walls in Sydney

01 Jul 2015, Posted by Admin Admin in Out of Home
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If you think art is solely confined within the walls of a museum or a building, then it may be time to think outside of the box, per se.

The perfect example of art going beyond the boundaries of indoor architecture is the festival of light, known as the Vivid Sydney Festival, which illuminates the city of Sydney each year.

Every year the Australian city hosts up to 60 light installations, using famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as its canvas.


What’s the idea behind Vivid Sydney?

When speaking to Mashable Australia, festival director Ignatius Jones, said, “Our fundamental strategy is that art is for everyone, and should be accessible to everyone. We like to take the art off the walls and put it on the streets.”

Various artists and musicians also collaborate to create installations using both light and sound to create and display sensory overload-type performances.

When you visit the Vivid Sydney Festival and view this art, there is no need to whisper or keep quiet. Just be yourself—no indoor voices needed.