Nino Simoni, Director of New Business

Nino Simoni

Director of New Business

As Applied Advertising’s Director of New Business Development, Nino Simoni has his eyes on the future, and what a bright future it is. He is the life force behind new client acquisitions, revenue generation and driving sales strategy to reach new markets.

Over the span of his career, Nino has effortlessly developed a strong sense of public relations and this, along with his charming personality, has helped him enhance relationships with clients. Well-versed in the arena of business development, he takes joy in working with people that share the same vision for the company.

Nino‘s passion for his professional growth is clear, but he also has a special place in his heart for his large Italian family and the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can find him enjoying the company of his family, cooking and eating delicious food, while exchanging stories around the dinner table. Not one to sit around, you can also find him playing an intense game of soccer or basketball, and if that wasn’t enough, maybe going out for a hike.